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Collection of derivative works of parodies on famous toons’ characters.

Here, on this blog we collect parodies on famous toons’ characters from over internet. We collect pics and links from tumblr, google, etc.
Note that all of the contents listed on this website are the derivative works, and they can’t be assumed as a copyright infringement.
Please enjoy the contents found over internet!

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Pokemon Porn Story: "Pokecest 1: Sex Ed – part 1"

Today Ash ketchum is leaving for his first Pokemon journey, his mom though is upset. Over the last few weeks she had become attracted to Ash. When she was near him she got sweaty and when they kissed good night she got all wet. She knew if she had a chance with Ash it would be now. Ash felt the same way. He had erections when he saw her. Ash was leaving, “You don’t have to go Ash!” she said, Ash wasn’t listening, he was focused on her busty boobs under her almost see-through top. She kissed him on the lips hoping Ash would take her, Ash kissed back hoping the same. She bit his lower lip and Ash put his hands around her waist. They stepped away from the door while still kissing. Their tongues touched and she let out a big moan. Ash’s right hand on her bum. She then put her hand on Ash’s erected dick which was sticking out of his jeans. She then grabbed Ash’s free hand with hers and slowly moved it down her panties. “Oh mom, your all wet!” Said Ash. “What do I do with this hand?” He asked. “Massage my pussy.” She said slowly. “What’s a pussy?” Asked Ash. “You don’t know! What were you doing In sex Ed?” She asked angrily. “I was looking at Misty’s boobies.” He replied. They both sat down on the couch. “This is my pussy,” She said unzipping her shorts. “Do you know what a cock is?” She asked. “yeah, it’s my dick. My friends were seeing who had the biggest, I did!” Ash said proudly. She smiled happily. “very good, do you know what a blowjob is?” She asked. “No, but Misty said she would give me one soon.” Ash’s mom knelt down infront of him and pulled down his pants and began to lick the tip of Ash’s cock. Ash moaned and jizzed on his mom’s face. “Oh, ash! You could have gone a bit longer!” She said while licking her lips. “Never mind, I’ll get changed into something more comfortable.” She licked the remaining jizz off her fingers and walked up stairs. At the same time their was a knock on the door and Misty ran in. “come on Ash were gonna be late!” she said before noticing his pants were down. “were you watching porn?” She asked. “No!” He replied. But Misty didn’t belive him. “Your sick Ash, I wanted to fuck you but you didn’t!” She started crying and ran to the couch to sob. But Ash’s mom came down the stairs in a revealing nurse outfit. “Misty what are you doing here, are you ok?” She sat down next to her and put her arms around her. “What’s wrong sweety?” she asked. Misty stopped crying, wiped a tear from her eye and said. “Your beautiful misses ketchum, I have the same costume.” She said smiling. “Oh, do you! Can you help me with Ash, he needs to have some sex lessons before he goes on the journey.” Misty nodded and went over to Ash. “I’m sorry ash, now how about I help you with this.” Misty grabbed onto Ash’s cock and began rubbing it up and down.

End of part 1

Please give advice on future editions, thankyou xoxo

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Pokemon Hentai Story: "Misty has a change"

The orange-haired girl sighed. The once mighty trio of Pokemon trainers had shrank to two, with Brock leaving on his own journey. When she had first joined up with Ash Ketchum, she only did it to get payment for her bike, but after awhile, she became friends with him, and his Pikachu.
She ran a hand through her single ponytail, still lost in her thoughts. They had stopped for the night in a small bed and breakfast, each of them taking a room for themselves.
She sat on her bed, thinking about her relationship with Ash. As time had gone by, she had started to acquire a fondness for Ash, but didn’t seem to be getting any in return. More than a couple years had passed now, but she had found that she really hadn’t changed in her looks. Before it didn’t bother her, but as her interest in Ash grew, so did her desire to look better for him, and to finally get his attention.
‘Maybe if I had a better body, he would notice me.’ She glanced down at herself, and then glanced into the full-length mirror in the room. Looking back was a cute, thin young girl. She wore short jean shorts held up by red suspenders over a yellow tank top. It showed off her stomach…but that was it. She had no curves really, and no chest to speak of.
She sighed, this time in sadness, resigning herself to the fact that she’ll probably never develop, especially not like that girl on Team Rocket, Jessie.
Outside, an unknown flying Pokemon left a trail of glittering sparkles in its wake, casting a shimmering trail behind it. As the sparkles landed, they would be absorbed by whatever they fell on. The effects usually weren’t bad Continue reading

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Wellcome to pool orgy with stars of “Pokemon” !

Pokemon   pornWe continue with Pokemon wild vaginal, oral and anal penetrations and a number of raunchy threesomes to go with the habitual fuck galore! A bitch from a famous Pokemon comic shared between a two-way fuck with massive rods that spatter her hot face with warm and sticky jizz… The hookers sy11603

Cartoon hentai

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Misty likes to fuck with pokemons

Pokemon   hentaiSome of those Pokemon heroes that refuse to control their overmastering lust any longer and get into wild hardcore fucking adventures!! Tit-feeling and pussy-rubbing is how every Pokemon routine to commence, but but the continuation can never be foretold!. The best part for cock-loving cuties from ‘s series and is to participate in fuck feasts with horniest studs provide their cum receptacles!

Cartoon sex

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Naked girls from “Pokemon” has a very nice boobs

Pokemon   hentaiCheck that the hot-drawn album is much more skillfull than you think: exclusive , tireless, the swellest cocks in one place. Turn on the funkiest smoochy moonshine of the high-souled Pokemon porn worthies and malicious demons luxuriating savage and carnal buff-ball after blow-ups for world domination ;) Watch a slutty chick overriding unbridled hot cock while her mouth is penetrated with a hard fellow!


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Looks like this cock is too big for May’s mouth…

Pokemon Hentai Blog pornGet ready to see some Pokemon Hentai Blog hentai that you’ll never find anywhere else! You like watching your top rated May participating in very sexual … it is drawn fine enough it will make your blood full of adrenaline. I want to present my visitors some nice Pokemon Hentai Blog XXX pics, full of sexual energy as always!

Teen Titans XXX

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Here some pics of nude Misty from “Pokemon”

Prepare to see some Pokemon Hentai Blog hentai you’ve never seen before. Do you like to feel the irresistable temptation of superhero lady of Pokemon Hentai Blog XXX when they are debauched enough, sit on your bed teasing sexy tits, snuggle up to you in sexy lingerie to take you in the XXX world. Fair haired Misty slut with sexy body takes four cocks in her every hole and gets her meat melons splattered with sperm…

Yu Gi Oh hentai

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There is two cocks for Misty today…

Disney  hentaiToday it’s time to post some nice pic post! Pokemon Hentai Blog sex funny hussies never miss a chance doing a strip and gulping down some rotund baby gravy between their vulvar lipsb! Misty fingers her pussy, ribbs her boobs and nipples feeling dotted vibrator go slowly reachingtouching her special little bitch spot!

Eureka Seven hentai

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See how Dawn rides on cock while doing a blowjob

Fresh hot pic again ;) Pussy-leaking Dawn in saliva-dripping support stockings gets group-fucked and cumsprayed by four apt stallions ;) You are lucky to join slutty Pokemon Hentai Blog sex heroes gaping for getting wild sex action and ready to delight you orally or vaginally.

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May and her tempting pussy

Recent Pokemon Hentai Blog porn only here! Very often Pokemon Hentai Blog XXX chars are getting annoyed with their tiresome filming job and they are waiting anxiously for the long night to begin with hentai action! Excited enough May soon won’t be shy to grab and play with huge manmeat and hop it and getting totally naked and willing to take her tasty piece of nasty cruel fucking.

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Dawn from Pokemon got roughly fuked in her ass…Dawn from Pokemon got roughly fuked in her ass…Incredibles Porn