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Ash gets it on with iris a lil’ tittie slurping going on

Naked May From Pokemon

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Pokemon Hentai Story. Love Story!

After Dawn Ash and Brock seperated their ways, Dawn was going to Hoenn to continue her dream to become a Top-Coordinator, sadly she got second in the Grand Festival again and is now back in Sinnoh.

Johanna: And Dawn, have you any idea what your gonna do next?
Dawn: I was thinking… Maybe I’m going to Unova!
Johanna: Unova. why?
Dawn: For Ash, cheering him on.
Johanna: I see, when your gonna leave?
Dawn looks at the clock.
Dawn: Now, actually.
Johanna: you want me to bring you?
Dawn: sure! Thanks, mom!

At the harbor

Johanna waves goodbye when the boat sets sail
Johanna: Say Hi for me!
Dawn waves goodbye too
Dawn: I will! Bye Mom!

Meanwhile in Unova. Continue reading

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